TIMOLA is a business built on family values and friendships.


We take our partnerships seriously and one of our most important partnerships is with our clients, whom we lovingly refer to as our brand ambassadors. We believe that not just one single person, but everyone using a TIMOLA product is a brand ambassador.

TIMOLA products are produced in rural Limpopo, South Africa.


Most of our product ingredients are organically grown by our partner, Botanica Natural Products.

Botanica is part of the Moringa Cooperative, an upliftment project in collaboration with amongst other roll players De Beers, GIZ, Old Mutual and the IDC. This Cooperative identifies and assists small scale farmers in the farming of Moringa trees for commercial sustainability.


Subsequently Moringa from this project finds its way into TIMOLA products.


We constantly value and measure environmental sustainability and social development as key indicators to success.


To highlight this, our TIMOLA Spa & Amenity products are not packaged in any single use plastics and you might find that not all TIMOLA product labels line-up exactly the same! That’s because we do not use machines but provide work to those striving to make a positive influence in their and their family’s lives.

There are various secondary usages for TIMOLA packaging:

Our superfoods & clay powder cylinders are used as cotton pad cylinders in the bathroom

Our superfoods & clay powder cylinders are used as a stationary holder on your desk.

Our Soap Bar range labels are used as bookmarks.

These are only a few examples and we encourage our clients to share your TIMOLA secondary packaging uses with us and the rest of the world through our social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.


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